August 28 Meeting is at Departed Soles – 7PM

This month’s Brew Duel is Lemongrass APA, which should make for an interesting tasting. Bottles from Big Brew Day will be given to everyone in attendance, so make sure to show up if you want your goodies! Let’s see if the whiskey barrel-aged blonde ale we brewed together turns out nicely.

You can bring your own dinner, or have pizza that will be provided for $2 / slice. Cash, Paypal, and Venmo are accepted.

We’ll also be discussing:

  • The upcoming Walking Tour (September 7th. Get tickets now!)
  • Upcoming brewing contests (like Motown MASH)
  • A Kveik yeast giveaway
  • Future guest speakers

Bottling Day for the Big Brew – Saturday August 24

As a followup to Big Brew Day (May 4), it’s time to bottle and keg our club’s beer! If you joined us in May, we spent the day brewing almost 30 gallons of a Blonde Ale which was then aged in a whiskey barrel. It’s time to taste the fruit of our labors. It’s a lot of work to bottle this much beer so please help out!

Everyone that helps out with bottling will get a couple bottles of beer to take home. The rest will be saved for JCBC events and meetings.

Address will be messaged to all RSVPs, or you can email for details.

Reserve Your Spot on the 2019 JCBC Walking Tour!

Click here to reserve your spot. The tour is Saturday September 7th. There are only 30 tickets available this year to grab one soon!

On this tour, we’ll enter the homes of several of the area’s finest homebrewers. They will display their setups, discuss their craft, and most importantly, open their stash of delicious homemade beer. 

The tour will begin at 2 pm on Saturday, September 7th, by McGinley Square. It will conclude Downtown near to Hamilton Park.

July 24 Meeting is at Departed Soles Brewery

Come join us for our monthly meeting at Departed Soles Brewery. We’ll be gathering at our new home in the back of the brewery at 7pm, and looking forward to seeing new and old faces alike! And having some excellent beer!

This months competition is for Scottish Ale (BJCP Style 14C), with Coconut as the special ingredient, and will between Kyle B. and Kyle the Blue. Come vote on the winner!

June 26 Meeting is at Departed Soles Brewery

The club’s next meeting will be at Departed Soles Brewery instead of our normal meeting location of Atlas Pub. In addition, it will be on Wednesday, June 26 7PM instead of our regularly scheduled time. We hope that everyone will be able to attend this meeting, and if feedback is positive we may relocate to Departed Soles on a regular basis.
The club will be ordering pizza for the meeting, but you are welcome to bring your own food as well.
At the June meeting we plan to ratify updated bylaws. June is also our Pomegranate IPA Brewers Duel.
When: Wednesday, June 26, 7PM
Where: Departed Soles Brewery, 150 Bay St, Jersey City

Seeking Hosts for the September Homebrew Walking Tour

The club is planning a walking tour for mid to late September. More details will come soon, but for now we are seeking anyone willing to host on the tour. On the tour our members and guests go for a walk on a (hopefully) sunny day to visit home breweries. It’s a fun way to check out how our neighbors are brewing, and a good opportunity to show off your gadgets, gizmos, and beer.
We generally do two groups of 20 people, or one group of 40 people, depending on the size of our host locations. If you are interested in showing off your brewery, please contact for details. The club will provide assistance with setting up, as well as any ice, CO2, cups, snacks, etc. Hosts can also join the rest of the tour for free.

Big Brew Day

For the address, please RSVP on Facebook, or You can also check out the Slack channel. The event is by the intersection of Harmon St and Crescent Ave, in Jersey City.

Big Brew Day is an international celebration of homebrewing, with events all across the country brewing beer together to grow the hobby. This year’s recipe is a Blonde Ale, and we’ll be brewing a big batch of beer – 25 gallons! We plan to age the beer in a whiskey barrel from Corgi Spirits.

The event is open to all, and is a great opportunity for newcomers to experience brewing for the first time. Please invite your friends that are curious about brewing but haven’t yet taken the plunge. Mash starts at noon, but there is prepwork so feel free to show up early.

Check the recipe and other information here: